Things we love about being pediatric physiotherapists:

  • getting to play while we work
  • getting to hold and play with babies
  • days full of smiles and laughter
  • getting to be creative and imaginative
  • getting to sing at work  
  • playing make believe
  • being silly is often a good thing
  • learning to ride a skateboard at work
  • practicing jump rope at work
  • playing with bubbles
  • being able to get new toys on a regular basis to share with the kids 
  • seeing the sense of happiness and pride when kids master new skills or do something on their own for the first time
  • it’s very rewarding to help improve a child’s independence and quality of life
  • it’s also very rewarding to help improve a parent or family’s quality of life by helping their child
  • the kids keep us on our toes (sometimes literally), and there is never a dull moment
  • physio can take place anywhere – in the park, at the clinic, at school, at home or even at the pool
  • every day we learn something new, and we will never everrun out of new things to learn
  • IT IS FUN!

Kathryn, Andreanne, Tonette, Wynne, Wendy and Michèle