Traumatic Injuries including Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traumatic Injuries including Motor Vehicle Accidents

Action Potential Rehabilitation provides physiotherapy services for clients in the community, particularly those who have complex injuries and rehabilitation needs requiring care at home. Often these clients are either awaiting admission to an in-patient rehabilitation program or have been recently discharged.

We have extensive experience liaising and working in multi-disciplinary teams with other health care professionals, case managers and insurance adjustors to create the optimal recovery environment in the community. We are familiar with SABS, submitting treatment plans (OCF 18s), and using HCAI and standardized invoices (OCF 21s).

Within our own Action Potential Rehabilitation team, we have therapists with many different skills whose expertise can be called on as needed by the client.

Action Potential Rehabilitation is able to provide in-home or clinic based physiotherapy for clients in the greater Ottawa, but also to those clients in areas outside of Ottawa who may not otherwise have access to care by experienced therapists with a specific focus in this area.



This website provides general information about our services and various conditions. It is not intended to be used for self-assessment or treatment, and is not a substitute for an individualized treatment plan developed by a registered physiotherapist.