LSVT / PWR (for clients with Parkinson's Disease)

Our Physiotherapists are able to offer exercise-based therapy to improve your mobility and balance, and to optimize your function. We have clinicians on our team who have certifications in LSVT BIG and PWR (Parkinson's Wellness Recovery).

LSVT BIG is a well researched program which helps patients with Parkinson’s to walk faster with bigger steps, improve their balance, and increase their trunk mobility. It is an intensive regimen of specific exercises, with one hour sessions 4 times a week for 4 weeks and a home program. For more information please call us and visit

Think BIG






The Action Potential Rehabilitation team includes a Speech and Language Pathologist who is able to offer the LSVT LOUD program. The Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) LOUD method is specifically designed to assist those with Parkinson's disease who have voice quality concerns to be better understood. It does this by increasing vocal loudness and improving articulation. LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG are complementay programs. It is an intensive program which uses the brains ability to modify its own neural circuitry as a result of being exposed to a specific demand. This is called neuroplasticity. The regime occurs over a 4 week period. For more information on LSVT LOUD please call us at 613 680-6400 and visit LSVT Global at:


PWR or Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery is a research based therapeutic exercise program that, like LSVT, works on the brain’s ability to adapt and learn (neuroplasticity). It aims to restore motor function and increase quality of life. It focuses on exercises that work on movement size and effort and activate the whole body to improve cardiovascular fitness, balance, mobility, and to improve flexibility

For more information please call us and visit