Heart Strength


Cardio and Strength Training Class


HeartStrength, our Cardio and Strength Training Class, is suited for individuals with cardiac disease, post cardiac surgery, COPD/Emphysema and chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Stroke who would benefit from a regular exercise program in a supervised setting with cardiovascular monitoring available.


Your exercise program will include aerobic training at an appropriate intensity level (recumbent bike, treadmills and Nu-step), flexibility, strengthening and balance exercises with access to adaptive equipment as needed. This program is geared to individuals who will benefit from a higher level of supervision or wish increased support initially due to lower activity levels or multiple chronic diseases.  


This program will include disease management education components and regular progression following both cardiac and respiratory rehab best practice guidelines for aerobic and strength training.


Goals of this exercise program are individualized but include improving your exercise tolerance, muscle strength and stamina, reducing your shortness of breath and improving your ability to function in your daily life. Group size is kept small (4-5 people) to allow more time to focus on individual goals and support.


An individual initial assessment is completed by a physiotherapist to ensure this is the right program for you.  Once established that this program will meet your needs, the physiotherapist will use the information gathered from your assessment to design an exercise program to help you achieve your goals and improve your understanding of how to manage your disease.   


The program is run by a registered physiotherapist and COPD Educator with assistance from a rehabilitation assistant as needed. The HeartStrength exercise class runs out of our clinic at 2081 Merivale Road (south of Hunt Club) and takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:30-3:30. Sessions run in 8-week blocks. Clients can attend once or twice per week based on their goals. 


As a physiotherapy supervised program, it may be covered under your extended health benefits.  


For more information please call 613-680-6400 or email info@actionpotentialrehab.ca



HeartStrength Cardio and Strength Training Class has qualified as a Heart Wise Exercise program     



Heart Wise Exercise works with fitness providers in your community to develop and identify programs and classes that are appropriate for people who want to stay healthy or who may be living with a chronic health condition.


The Heart Wise Exercise programs are intended for participants who are interested or concerned about their health. 


Heart Wise Exercise programs meet the following criteria: 


1. Encourages regular, daily aerobic exercise. 

2. Encourages and incorporates warm up, cool down and self-monitoring with all exercise sessions. 

3. Allows participants to exercise at a safe level and offers options to modify intensity. 

4. Includes participants with chronic health conditions – physician approval may be required. 

5. Offers health screening for all participants. 

6. Has a documented emergency plan that is known to all exercise leaders, including the requirement of current CPR certification, phone access to local paramedic services and presence of an AED.



For more information on the Heart Wise program, please visit University of Ottawa Heart Institute – Heart Wise Exercise.

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