Individual Fitness Programs

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Following a serious injury or disability, it can be very difficult to begin a fitness program on your own. Often people are afraid that they may harm themselves or worsen their condition by doing the incorrect exercises.

Much research has been done showing the importance of exercise in preventing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. Regular exercise improves balance and endurance; generally improving every day function and helping to maintain the gains achieved in physiotherapy.

We know that physical inactivity can:

  • Increased your risk of falling
  • Worsen your disability and dependence due to de-conditioning and learned non use (Macko,R et al. 2005)
  • Contribute to re-stroke, cardiovascular disease and weak muscles and bones

Even small amounts of exercise on a regular basis can make a huge difference to your overall fitness level; improving your ability to function to your potential, your confidence in the community and your feeling of well being.

As part of our Action Potential Team we have Exercise Therapists, a Physiotherapy Assistant and a certified Pilates Instructor, all of whom have many years of experience working with clients with disabilities.

Together with your Physiotherapist, they can help to design an exercise program that is individualized to your special needs and goals.

They are able to work with you in your home, local gym or pool or in our clinic setting to gently help you overcome the barriers you might face that prevent you from exercising. The goal is to help your transition from a patient requiring physiotherapy to a well person exercising in your community.