Pool Therapy

Pool Therapy

Instructor And Patient Undergoing Water Therapy

Pool therapy, or Aquatic therapy, is a form of physiotherapy that takes place in water. It uses the physical properties of water to assist the patient to safely move and exercise. Many times, patients are able to attempt activities in the water which they are not yet able to do on land, such as standing up or walking. This is due to the support that water offers through buoyancy. This buoyancy also helps to decrease the weight transmitted through the joints of the body while exercising in water, often helping to decrease joint pain, which may have limited exercise on land. In addition, the warmth of the water combined with the gentleness of movements help to decrease muscle spasms and pain, and the hydrostatic pressure of the water can be helpful to decrease tissue swelling after a traumatic injury.

Pool therapy can be used to improve muscle strength, joint range of motion, exercise endurance, walking, and balance problems, which may have been caused by a variety of medical conditions. By using the viscosity of the water, your therapist can design a strengthening program which uses the water for resistance training and strengthening.

An assessment with one of our physiotherapists is very important prior to beginning a pool therapy program. This is to ensure that you are able to embark on a pool therapy program safely, to establish whether any special precautions need to be taken, and to set up individual treatment goals with you.

The therapists from Action Potential Rehabilitation have experience in pool therapy, and are able to set up a pool therapy program for you in your private pool or a local community pool. They are also knowledgeable about therapeutic group pool programs offered in your community, and will be able to refer you to one once you no longer require individual therapy sessions.