Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular Therapy

Our Action Potential Rehabilitation Team includes several  therapists who have specific training in vestibular therapy. These therapists have taken advanced courses in vestibular rehabilitation such as courses on concussion, vestibular certification courses, and neuro-visual postural therapy courses.  Our extensive experience with people with neurological conditions means that we are familiar with a wide variety of vestibular conditions and can address your issues looking at the big picture.  

People with vestibular problems may experience symptoms like:

– dizziness

– vertigo

– nausea

– imbalance

– lightheadedness

– visual changes

Problems with the vestibular system can arise for a number of reasons including:

– head injury

– concussion

– BPPV from crystals in your inner ear

– viral infections

– aging

– benign tumors

– or other causes

Through a series of tests, your physiotherapist can help to tease out the cause of your dizziness to determine an appropriate intervention.  Testing normally includes:

– vestibular tests

– balance tests

– assessing muscle and joint function

– oculomotor function testing

– neurological screening

Vestibular therapy uses an exercise based approach to help with your symptoms of dizziness and balance including issues like nausea, imbalance, light headedness, and visual changes.  Therapy can be provided within the clinic, or if you are having difficulties leaving home, we can provide the therapy within the comfort of your home.  Treatment will be individualized based on the cause of your symptoms and it may include:

– balance exercises

– habituation exercises

– gait training

– visual exercises

– repositioning techniques for BPPV

– home exercises