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Arm and Hand Rehabilitation

This program was developed in collaboration with the Stroke Survivor’s Association of Ottawa to allow stroke survivors to work specifically on improving arm and hand function in a small group setting (4-5 participants).  During COVID-19, these sessions can take place virtually if there is interest, or can be offered on an individual basis, either virtually or in person, until groups can resume.

Prior to the sessions, you will meet one-on-one for an assessment with the physiotherapist to ensure that the program will meet your needs. Some active arm or hand movement and lots of motivation are the criteria to participate and achieve success. You’ll be asked to identify a goal that you would like to work towards, and the physiotherapist creates activities designed to practice the skills necessary to achieve that goal. Participants are helped to identify ways to incorporate your weaker arm in everyday activities and you’ll be taught the importance of regular stretching and ways to work with any changes in muscle tone and stiffness.

Your therapist will develop an individualized program just for you in the supportive and social atmosphere of a small group. Individual activities are practiced with the assistance of the physiotherapist, exercise therapist and volunteers in class, but even more importantly, at home during the week between sessions.  This will be critical to achieving your goals.

The program is currently run at our clinic, located at 2081 Merivale Rd., south of Hunt Club Road West. It runs for one hour twice a week in 6 week blocks, or 12 week blocks once a week.  Please note that during COVID-19 restrictions, group classes are suspended until further notice.

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