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Paediatric Services

In addition to our extensive services treating adults, we are proud to offer care to help our paediatric clients reach their potential. Action Potential Rehabilitation benefits from a paediatric physio team which has diverse experience treating infants, children and youth of all ages. Supporting your families while your child works toward their goal is a high priority for us.  Rest assured that our team will provide you and your child with the highest level of care.

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How does it work?

Your child’s care begins with a thorough evaluation by one of our physiotherapists with an expertise in paediatric physiotherapy. This could be in our clinic, your home, or via Tele-Rehab, depending on the nature of your child’s needs.

The initial assessment session usually lasts one hour and aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of your child’s health. Your therapist will ask questions about your child’s medical history and their functional needs. Additionally, your therapist will perform a variety of physical evaluations relevant to your child’s condition.

You, your child, and the therapist will then collaboratively outline treatment goals. Your therapist will create a personalized plan for your child, and can answer any questions you may have. Details as to the nature of treatment, times, and location will all be discussed.

What’s my role?

Parents/guardians are essential to a child’s physiotherapy progress. This includes discussing goals of treatment and assisting younger clients with exercise programs.

As a parent/guardian, you may be asked to do the following:

  • Monitor your child’s progress according to a variety of metrics and outcome measures
  • Help your child perform at-home assigned exercises, depending on your child’s age and functional needs
  • Encourage and remind your child to follow their treatment program

Your therapist will always be pleased to answer any questions about your child’s treatment plan or progress.  

This website provides general information about our services and conditions treated. It is not intended to be used for self-assessment or treatment, and is not a substitute for an individualized treatment plan developed by a registered physiotherapist.

By the Action Potential Rehabilitation Staff

Page last reviewed: June 2, 2023