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MOVE! Parkinson’s Exercise Group

Under the supervision of a physiotherapist and rehabilitation assistant, this series of semi-private classes aims to help persons living with Parkinson’s Disease to incorporate physical activity into their routine. 

The sessions include a series of evidence-based Parkinson’s-specific exercises based on PWR! Moves and LSVT/BIG. Specific attention will be paid to improving and maintaining functional movement, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular conditioning. Move! Sessions run for 8 weeks at a time, and are limited to 2 participants per session.

Prior to participating in these sessions, each new client will meet with the supervising physiotherapist for an assessment to determine each client’s individual goals and challenges. Class fees are covered under most extended health benefit plans.

Class Schedule

In person classes are back! Please contact us for schedule information.

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Page last reviewed: June 2, 2023