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Body Weight Support

Body Weight Support, or Partial Body Weight Support, is the term to describe a suspension system used to assist someone to stand up, walk, or even run. 

It can be used to help retrain walking in both children and adults with neurological conditions or injuries. You will be supported in a harness which is connected to an overhead lift. The harness and lift are used to decrease the amount of weight you will bear through your legs. This allows someone with balance issues or too weak to stand on their own to begin walking on the ground or a treadmill.

The amount of support offered by the Body Weight Support system can be gradually increased or decreased by the physiotherapist. The support can enable you to safely take your first steps, walk longer distances, challenge your balance, or walk faster, without fear of falling.

Several studies have shown that for people with serious walking deficits, Body Weight Support training is more effective than regular walking training for improving functional walking, speed of walking, endurance, balance and recovery of movement.

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Page last reviewed: June 2, 2023