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Facial Palsy

Facial therapy is provided to those who have suffered damage to the facial nerve resulting in facial paralysis. This is most commonly the result of a viral infection (Bell’s Palsy), or as a result of surgery (i.e. acoustic neuroma resection). In both cases, you may suffer from either complete or partial paralysis of one side of the face.

The goal of our therapy is to educate you about nerve recovery and the different stages of recovery, and to maximize symmetrical facial movement. You will also be given a home program of exercises to complete designed specifically for their needs. Re-assessments are completed regularly, and adjustments will be made as required to give you the best possible outcome.

For those who have had acoustic neuroma surgery, additional information can be found on the website of the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada (below). There is also a support group in Ottawa, which meets about 3 times per year. Information re contacting this group is also available at the website of the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada.

This website provides general information about our services and conditions treated. It is not intended to be used for self-assessment or treatment, and is not a substitute for an individualized treatment plan developed by a registered physiotherapist.

By the Action Potential Rehabilitation Staff

Page last reviewed: June 2, 2023