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GLA:D® is a 6-week education and exercise program that was developed in Denmark for people with symptoms of knee or hip OA. It has now been launched across Canada as: GLA:D™ Canada.
GLA:D™ Canada is for everyone with symptoms of hip or knee arthritis, such as stiffness, pain or weakness.

Research shows that people who complete the GLA:D® program

  • Have reduced pain
  • Take fewer pain killers
  • Take less time off work
  • Are able to be more active


  • An assessment by a Registered Physiotherapist trained in GLA:D to better understand your specific needs and ensure you are a good candidate for the program
    • Education sessions that will teach you about the symptoms and risk factors of osteoarthritis, treatment and self-management options, as well as tips on how to overcome everyday challenges
    • Twelve 60-minute exercise sessions guided by a Physiotherapist that will help improve posture, build strength and show you how to apply these exercises in everyday activities
    • A group setting (4-6 participants) which decreases the individual cost for participants
    • To make the program easier to access, we offer it both in person at our fully accessible clinic or via Telerehab interactive virtual sessions

    If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to book a consultation, please contact us.

    This website provides general information about our services and conditions treated. It is not intended to be used for self-assessment or treatment, and is not a substitute for an individualized treatment plan developed by a registered physiotherapist.

    By the Action Potential Rehabilitation Staff

    Page last reviewed: June 2, 2023