Post Concussion

Post-Concussion Syndrome                                        post concussion pic


Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment


A concussion is an injury to the brain due to a blow to the head or when a rapid acceleration causes your brain to strike the inside of your skull, such as in a car accident.  Most concussions will gradually resolve within a couple of weeks but some people experience symptoms for longer.  No two individuals respond the same.


Common Symptoms:



          Difficulty with balance and co-ordination

          Sensitivity to light and sound

          Memory problems and ‘fogginess’

          Difficulty concentrating

          Mood Changes



Post-Concussion Syndrome is diagnosed when symptoms persist for weeks or months after the initial injury.


An Action Potential Physiotherapist with special training and experience working with clients with post-concussion symptoms is available to provide assessment and treatment in our clinic setting or in your home. Our clinic includes private treatment rooms to help minimize the impact of noise sensitivity or busy environments when you start your treatment.  One of our physiotherapists would meet with you for an initial interview and examination to assess your individual symptoms and concerns, and to create an individualized treatment program.


Assessment will include:

          Assessing vision and vestibular system changes

          Balance and coordination testing

          Strength testing

          A neck assessment to determine if there are any injuries which could be impacting your headaches/dizziness

          Frequent reassessment to determine treatment progression


Our treatment intervention would depend on your unique complaints, limitations and your goals.

Treatment may include education on pacing your activities, return to physical activity with symptom monitoring, improving strength and endurance after the initial rest phase with monitoring to avoid worsening symptoms, visual/vestibular rehabilitation to decrease dizziness and improve balance and appropriate hands on manual therapy or exercises for headache relief.