Pain, from intermittent to chronic, can be relieved with the help of rehabilitation therapy, including physiotherapy. Action Potential Rehabilitation physiotherapists have the training and experience to help you manage your pain and regain function. Current research suggests that some chronic pain syndromes are caused by the “re-wiring” of the brain so that it triggers a pain response even when there is no longer a dangerous stimulus. Effective treatments work to help undo this incorrect wiring and signalling by the brain. An APR physiotherapist can prescribe an individualized program, using various techniques to retrain your brain’s connection to the affected area. Self-management techniques and coping strategies will also be introduced, with the overall goal of reducing your discomfort and increasing the function of the affected limb. Exercise will also be important in improving and maintaining the limb’s flexibility, strength and overall function, especially when pain has limited your use of the affected body part.