May is National Physiotherapy Month, and this year we are excited to share with you how physiotherapy is for everyone. As physiotherapists, we are urging decisionmakers, including our federal Members of Parliament, to take action that will save the healthcare system millions and unlock the potential of physios across the country.

A recent report on physiotherapy shows that we are already saving the healthcare system in Canada $232 million each year. How? Well, physiotherapy leads to direct savings to the healthcare system and helps the economy by letting workers stay in the workforce. This is so important at a time where the healthcare system is overburdened.

To ensure that physios can practice to their full potential and save the healthcare system millions more, we urge governments to optimize the scope of practice for physiotherapists across Canada.

Right now, different provinces allow physiotherapists to do different things in their healthcare systems. It means a physiotherapist with the same training in one province may be able to do more for their patient than a physiotherapist in another. If federal and provincial leaders work together to embrace the full potential of physiotherapy in Canada, we can help ease that burden on doctors and nurses while saving the healthcare system millions.

If you’re with us and want to see action – We need to get the word out that physiotherapy is for everyone, and we need to practice our full scope. You can also visit to learn more about the National Physiotherapy Month and how you can help us.

Thank you for your support.