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APR offers individualized functional rehabilitation for those with Parkinson’s Disease, provided by a team of experienced rehabilitation therapists with specific post-graduate training and covered by most extended health care plans. Those with Parkinson’s Disease can benefit greatly from physiotherapy, and Parkinson’s-specific exercises have the potential to slow disease progression through neuroprotection, neurorepair, adaptation and neuroplasticity. Action Potential Rehabilitation offers the LSVT BIG and PWR UP! programs, and follow-up classes where specific attention is paid to improving and maintaining functional movement, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular conditioning. LSVT Big is a well-researched program which helps Parkinson’s patients walk faster with bigger strides, improve their balance, and increase their trunk mobility. PWR, or Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery, is a research-based therapeutic exercise program that, like LSVT, works on the brain’s ability to adapt and learn (neuroplasticity). It aims to restore motor function and increase quality of life. It focuses on exercises that are high effort and activate the whole body to improve cardiovascular fitness, balance, mobility, and flexibility.